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Expert Osteopath Clinic In Cardiff

We started this clinic to help people get out of pain, and back to doing what they love day to day without pain or restriction holding them back. Our specialist Osteopath clinic in Cardiff is here to help you do the same. 

As Osteopaths we are trained as primary healthcare practitioners to diagnose and treat Musculoskeletal issues. From Low Back Pain to Headaches, we use a combination of Manual Therapy, Movement and a deep understanding of how Pain works to get you back to doing what you love as fast as possible.

We first have to recognise WHY you have the issue you do. This means, do you have a STRUCTURAL complaint such as:

If you do, we will diagnose the issue and get you a recovery plan for this issue to heal. This means all injuries should heal and be pain free within 6 months. If you have had pain for more than 6 months, the issue should have healed.

Now – The nervous system is still giving you pain to protect you. This is CHRONIC pain, and requires a deeper approach to resolve. 

We specialise in making the complex simple and helping unwind chronic pain back to being pain free.

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Here at Cardiff Pain & Performance our Osteopaths work to assess you as whole person, considering your medical and injury history to figure out WHY your pain has not gone away.

We then specialise in using Neurological techniques to de-sensitise the Nervous System. 

We treat and help a range of conditions from Back & Neck Pain, Headaches, Sciatica, Joint pain, muscle pain, sports injuries and more.
Here at Cardiff Pain & Performance our Osteopaths and Chiropractors work in the same way, we use our unique 5 step process to get you back to pain free as fast as possible. Unlike conventional Chiropractors and Osteopaths, we rely less on Manipulation and Massage to help your Pain.
We are experts in helping understand the source of your Sciatica, which can be due to a multitude of reasons. We then build you an individualised treatment plan based on your unique history. The aim is to eventually build up the strength in the area to prevent reoccurrence.
Back Pain is what we do! As primary healthcare professionals we are trained to diagnose and treat a range of musculoskeletal issues, and back pain is the most common. Very often though, the Back is not necessarily the “bad” guy. Instead it is common that the muscles around the Back are tightening to protect you, and compensate for a past injury elsewhere. Our job is to identify where the real problem is, and fix it.
We ask patients to wear loose comfortable clothing such as active or sports wear to the Clinic. You will not be required to undress, but we will need to move you around, so loose clothing is preferrable.
Yes. Most Sports Injuries are an over use based injury, such as a Tendonitis. This means that there is something mechanical going wrong, and one area is being overused, versus an area being underused. The key is to figure out, where did this begin? The story to your injury likely started a long time before you felt any pain.. Taking an in depth injury history will help us isolate the source of your comaplaint.

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