Knee & Ankle Pain

Knee & Ankle Pain

Knee Pain is a daily occurrence here at the Clinic. In our experience, there are two types of Knee Pain. As Osteopaths and Chiropractors, our first job is to identify if there is any structural damage to the Knee.

This could be damage to the tendons, ligaments or cartilage for example. We need to assess for the extent for any arthritic changes and see how much capacity the Knee has for change.

The good news is that in the majority of cases, even when there is some wear and tear, the knee pain you experience can be changed. 80% of the time, we find that Knee Pain is actually a compensation for the Hip or the Ankle.

This means that the muscles around the knee are often over-working to help out somewhere else. Our job is to find out WHERE and WHY.

This means we will put you through a thorough assessment of:

  • Static Posture
  • Range of Motion
  • Neurological Testing
  • Orthopaedic Testing
  • Manual Muscle Testing

Once we have a diagnosis, we move you through our 5 step Process to get you back to 100% as quickly as possible.

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Why do I Hurt?

There are two reasons to get “…..” Pain. Firstly, if there is true damage to the joints, muscles or other hardware structures. This is why the first step in our process is to rule out any Structural issues.

Without the presence of any “Damage” Pain is due to protection of the Brain and Nervous System (Often from Past Injuries).

Pain is here a protective response gone wrong. Our job is to find out why and get you on the road to recovery. 

Why Us?

We don’t just use massage and manipulation to “manage” or “reduce” symptoms. We solve the puzzle of pain to get you back to 100% and Pain Free as fast as possible.

We also teach you to how to help yourself. Our patient portal has educational content on exercises, health and wellbeing and pain education.

Should I Exercise for my Pain?

In the early stages, our job is to get you ready to exercise. The common issue is that people try out exercises TOO soon. We need to first make sure you are “at the start line”. This means making sure the Brain and Body are not protecting you and tightening you up to compensate from past injuries.

Once we have got you to this point (Stage 4 in our 5 step process) we utilise our Patient Portal Website to give you the specific exercises you need.

What If I have been told I have Arthritis?

More often than not, this does not mean you have to live with Pain! Even when you have been told you have Wear and Tear or Arthritis, we always encourage a free assessment for a new perspective on what can be done to help.

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