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What is Right Eye

Right Eye is the worlds first eye tracking solution for general health and wellbeing. Using revolutionary eye tracking technology we are able to get a “window into Brain function” which is so important when it comes to helping those in Pain.

Built on the FDA-cleared RightEye Vision System™ and backed by over 30 years of science, RightEye tracks eye movement to help us understand the function of the nervous system.

Right Eye is FDA approved to diagnose Concussion and the early detection of Parkinsons and other movement disorders.

When pain becomes Chronic, something has gone wrong….

RightEye helps us identify WHAT.  

How Does it Work?

By shining small lasers into the eyes, RightEye is able to track Eye movement across different tests. The ability to move the eyes well has been seen as a “window” to the brain. This gives us an idea of how well your Brain & Nervous System are functioning.

This helps us identify if there is any eye involvement in

If you have had a past Whiplash or Concussion, we need to understand if this is still affecting you today, and whether or not this is impacting the reason why pain is ongoing.

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