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About Us

Welcome to Cardiff Pain & Performance Clinic

We are a team of Osteopaths and Chiropractors who use powerful neurological techniques to treat your pain and improve your quality of life.

About Us

Welcome to Cardiff Pain & Performance Clinic

We are a team of Osteopaths and Chiropractors who use powerful neurological techniques to treat your pain and improve your quality of life.

What Our Clients Say

At Cardiff Pain & Performance we love to help people of all age ranges and backgrounds get back to doing what they love. As Osteopaths and Chiropractors we have been privileged to help over 4000 people get back their life, and we hope to help you do the same.

Carmel O'GradyCarmel O'Grady
13:51 20 Sep 22
My mother had suffered severe neck pain, which was only getting worse to the point she was constantly fighting back the tears. She had an amazing change within a day or two receiving treatment from Gareth. I saw the dramatic change. She decided to have two more treatments and has raved about the care and attention as well as her recovery. I'd highly recommend this practice and already considering booking an appointment for a recurring shoulder problem myself. This was so much better than the painkillers and anti inflammatory tablets she was being given by the GP, which didn't seem to be touching the sides.
Michael QuinnMichael Quinn
09:36 24 Aug 22
The guys at Cardiff Pain & Performance are fantastic - Gareth (Osteopath) and Steve (Chiropractor) are both incredibly knowledgeable, explain things very well and get great results. I have seen them both for back pain and neck pain and regularly refer other people to see them. Highly recommended!
Tannwen JamesTannwen James
13:57 30 Jun 22
I visited the pain and performance clinic in desperation after speaking to my doctor and having several physio sessions.I have a back condition called scoliosis and have frequent pain in my back but it’s manageable. However, in February I became very immobile- I had constant pain in both legs and was hardly able to walk. Sleeping was extremely difficult.I read the reviews for the clinic, attended the free session and decided to try some treatment. Stephen was very open and honest about my condition. He thought I had an inflammation that was causing pain and a hindrance to mobility. He said he could not guarantee he could help but we both agreed to try some sessions.Amazingly after only 5 visits and some laser treatment, the pain in my legs has disappeared and I am now able to do the things that I was able to do before the inflammation . I am thrilled. I have already recommend the clinic to friends and relatives and would do so to anyone else.
Enireth Powell-DaviesEnireth Powell-Davies
15:37 12 Apr 22
I have been going to see Mr Chow at the clinic since February 2022. I had spinal surgery in July 2021 and have had continued lower back pain as well as no feeling below my left knee and foot and nerve pain under my foot. I was also unable to sleep and sit comfortably. Since being to see Mr Chow the feeling in my left leg is back and almost back in my left foot also. The pain in my lower back has eased considerably and I am sleeping a lot better than I was. I am also able to sit for a bit longer without being in so much pain. I am so glad I made the appointment and went to see them, cannot recommend highly enough.

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