Pain for more than 6 months is classed as "Chronic Pain" >> This has less to do with the "Bit That Hurts" and more to do with your Brain

Here at Cardiff Pain & Performance we specialise in pain that has become Chronic. This means inevitably something has gone wrong. If you damaged an area, its likely this has now healed.

The pain you now feel has more to do with the protection of the Nervous System than the Injury itself.

That is why we have created our unique 5 step process to tackle chronic pain. 

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How We Work

Our Unique 5 Step Process

Get A Clear Diagnosis

Determine if you have a Structural problem, such as true damage to a muscle, disc or joint, or a Functional problem, whereby the Scans are clear and there has been no damage, instead the Nervous System is trying to protect you.

Reduce Inflammation

Reduce Inflammation if necessary through Red Light Laser Therapy, Nutritional protocols and lifestyle changes.

De-Sensitise & Treat

De-sensitise the Nervous System by finding areas of past trauma or overuse and 'resetting' the input from this region. This is the main part of the process which is pain free and non invasive. This stops the Brain from trying to protect you and stops muscles/joints from locking up.

Movement Capacity

Teach you how to access all of your movement potential, making sure you can move each joint in every possible direction, improve range of motion and flexibility.

Strength & Wellness

Strengthen up any areas of weakness to 'Bullet-proof' yourself from future damage.

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What causes chronic pain?

Chronic Pain is any pain that lasts more than 3-6 months. After this time, all injuries should have healed. Pain should then stop. If ain continues, something has gone wrong. Your Brain is now creating pain to “Protect” you from Danger. Our job is to De-Sensitise the Nervous System and use our 5 Step Process to get you out of Chronic Pain and back to doing what you love.

How to treat chronic pain?

Chronic Pain requires a unique approach. As we are looking at how your Brain is maintaining Pain, we need to consider your Stress, your understanding of your problem and your Pain, your beliefs and your expectations.


We need to look at how you have adapted your life to your Pain, how you move, how you eat, and how you live your lifestyle.


We also need to look at what Body or Mechanical factors are leading to constant pain. Very often you are protecting yourself from past injuries unknowingly.


As we de-sensitise the Nervous system, we gently encourage Movement and Strengthening to prevent reoccurrence of issues.

Does chronic pain go away?

Chronic Pain IS resolvable. But not by itself. The brain is keeping you in Pain as an alarm signal to tell you something has gone wrong > Our job is to find out WHY. Come in and get assessed by one of our expert team and we will figure out WHY this is happening.

Who is the best person to see for chronic pain?

Each member of our Team has been trained how to understand the Chronic Pain patient. As Osteopaths and Chiropractors we are able to Diagnose and Treat these complaints, considering your overall body and lifestyle.

chronic pain

Chronic pain

It is also life changing for many!

It frequently leads to a vicious cycle of reduced activity, sleep disturbance, low mood and depression, reduced enjoyment of life, lower productivity at work, and it often ends up affecting family, colleague and partner relationships.

Chronic pain traditionally has been hard to manage as there is no specific muscle or tissue damaged, so where do
you direct your treatments? It often doesn’t respond to ‘normal’ treatments, hence the frustration it causes for its sufferers. It is like the body’s nervous system being on red alert. The nerves become so sensitive that they send pain messages for even the slightest touch or movement, or in some cases for no reason at all. 

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