Why Do I Hurt?

Check out the Videos below, explaining Pain and why we feel it! The most powerful thing you an do TODAY to begin your Journey is to start to understand WHY you feel Pain! 

If you have suffered a recent Injury, or have been suffering with ongoing pain for any length of time WE CAN HELP.

We have all been there, we hurt something, we leave it, we think it will get better..

Maybe it does get better, but after a few months that “old back injury” comes back to haunt you.

You end up living in a cycle of pain and recovery, where every few months it might happen again, or you just simply stop yourself from doing things “in case” you hurt something.

Here is the important thing to know: 80% of the time, all the rest in the world wont help you.

Why? – There is nothing to HEAL or RECOVER. The reason you are in Pain is because your Body is COMPENSATING.

This means your Body is doing everything it can to help you, but you get stuck in this pattern.

The body tries to help you out, but over time it cant keep giving all the time…so it starts to hurt. The thing is, Rest wont change these compensation patterns that have been put in.

Your nervous system is set up to protect you and ultimately it will continue to do that until it gets shown A NEW WAY.

That is where we step in. We find the compensation patterns and stop the need for them to be present.

This isn’t just a patch up job, we aim to resolve the issue fully, so you don’t need to keep coming back and back every time it happens.

Of course, you may have recently sprained your ankle or pulled your back and it still hurts.

This is the BEST time to seek active treatment and advice from a Professional : before the compensation patterns kick in!

This will prevent the cycle of pain and recovery that so many people are unfortunately left to live through. 

So what is it going to be for you?

If you feel it is time to make a change, then please do get in touch with us, it would be our pleasure to help you out.

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